CRM & Marketing Automation

We can configure your CRM system and launch your marketing & sales automation campaigns so that your leads are automatically emailed, texted and kept engaged. We write your email, newsletter and SMS content that result is more appointment and more sales.

track everything

CRM Installation & Customization

Choosing a CRM system that best fits your business, industry and sales process. Customizing CRM lead routing, lead process, lead stages, reports and dashboards to best reflect your current sales process. Integrating the CRM with your other software systems.

We can integrate your website with your new CRM so that leads and phone calls are automatically uploaded into your CRM system.

marketing journeys that convert

Marketing Automation Journey Creation

Choosing the right marketing automation solution for your business. Integrating the marketing automation system with your CRM and your current sales & marketing workflow.

Designing a lead nurturing and effective customer journey designed to automatically email and text your customers triggered based on the lead status in the CRM and the customer’s position in the sales process.

great communication = profit

Email Content & SMS Content Creation

Creating and designing custom email content and SMS content designed to attract new customers, engage and future leads.

optimize till perfect

Ongoing Optimization

Ongoing weekly optimization to your customer journeys, emails and text messages based on actual sales performance.