Ishan Jetley


Sean is a Senior Consultant with strong experience managing complex business and strategic planning assignments for a diverse range of early-stage and middle-market growth companies. He is currently a Senior Consultant at Edeska and GoBusinessPlans where he helps clients create strategic plans for fundraising and business growth. He has been involved with over 300 client engagements ranging from pre-revenue start-ups to large middle market companies.

Sean began his career at Growthink as a Senior Business Analyst after graduating from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Economics with a minor in Business Administration. He has lived in India & Singapore, and is fluent in both Hindi and English.

Sean specializes in helping clients operating within the real estate, consumer products, manufacturing, financial services, transportation, logistics and the hospitality industries. Sean also has very strong work experience helping internet and technology startups with a special emphasis on e-commerce and marketplace models.

  • Expansion plan for a $40 million and 10 store organic food retailer that led to a $15 million private equity investment into the project.
  • Initial Public Offering Prospectus and S-1 creation for a $40 million Oil & Gas distribution business.
  • Initial Public Offering Prospectus and S-1 creation for largest organic farming Company in Florida.
  • Conducted an opportunity assessment for £280M public company in the multi-redemption and closed-loop card business seeking expansion outside of organic growth and traditional markets.
  • Expansion and M&A plan for $26 million mortgage brokerage looking to undertake a roll-up of smaller players in the industry.
  • Operational expansion strategy development to secure $2 million manufacturing grant from the Massachusetts State Government.
  • Management of sell-side process for $6 million paper machinery manufacturing company: Managed development of sell-side packaging and financial analysis, data room and sales process.
  • Expansion strategy for a $100 million diamond distributor looking to launch and grow its online direct to consumer business.