Phillippe Chau


Phil Sinh Chau is a Senior Consultant at GoBusinessPlans and has been involved in over 350 client engagements ranging from pre-revenue start-ups to multi-million dollar ventures. To date, he has helped secure early stage capital and financing for several of his clients, and has assisted them to build their business from the ground up, starting from the concept and idea phases to launching the business and generating revenues. He has also provided ongoing advisory to mid-market companies seeking to obtain growth capital and enter new markets.

Phil works with early stage ventures and mid-market companies to develop strategic growth plans to launch and expand their businesses. Notable engagements include the following:

  • Business planning and operational structuring of a joint venture ($250M cold-weather construction company and $80M economic development firm in Canada) seeking to offer mining services to a currently underserved local market
  • Strategic planning and fundraising for an early-stage healthcare platform focused on offering patient advocacy services to obtain $3.5M in funding
  • Performed in-depth research and analysis on precision die cast market segments for a $500M company seeking to expand and grow into additional markets
  • Created the offering package for a start-up mobile application for a capital raise of $5M and providing ongoing consulting that led to the development of a prototype and minimum viable product for beta test
  • Developed the strategic action plan for a $4B publicly traded wire mechanisms manufacturing company seeking to expand its product line to offer smart technology within the realms of the “Internet of Things” and “Wireless Charging” markets.
  • Conducted an opportunity assessment for £280M public company in the multi-redemption and closed-loop card business seeking expansion outside of organic growth and traditional markets.
  • Oversaw the operational process and systemization planning of a 10-location hair salon franchise owner seeking to increase profitability and potentially expand to additional locations in a new market area. Provided profitability analysis for each location by reviewing historical financials and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) associated with past performance.