About Commissions Early

Commissions Early is a Costa Mesa, CA based commission advance company. The Company allows real estate agents to get advances on their pending real estate transactions.The Company is run by Steve Fennelly and Tanisha Porreca. Commissions Early has quickly become one of the leading provider of commissions advances in California.

Company Problem

Commissions Early was looking for a full-stack agency that could help the founding team set up their website, handle all their initial marketing set-up and set up their CRM within 30 days. The Company was also looking for a team that was experienced in building more complex advanced web applications so that their customers could complete the entire application process from application to document signing on their website portal.

Edeska Solution

Step 1: Website Design and Copywriting

After analyzing the Commissions Early’s competitors we came up with a brand identity and brand messaging that would differentiate the Company from its competitors. After the brand identity was finalized, we began building the Company’s website with a specific focus on educating the customer on the benefits of the service.

Step 2: Online Application Custom Development

We designed and programmed an online application system for the Company. Our system allowed a potential Commissions Early client to apply, get a financing offer, sign the financing documents and get funded completely online.

Step 3: CRM Set Up

Given the nature of the business, it was very important for us to track the revenue and profit generated from these leads. We therefore set up end-to-end tracking from click, to form fill or call to actual stage tracking in the CRM. This allowed us to clearly identify client demographics and search keywords that were most profitable for the business.

Step 4: Campaign and Audience Targeting Set Up

We researched the Company’s competition and their advertising campaigns. Based on this research, we finalized the initial campaign type, bid type and audience targeting across Google search and Google’s display properties.

We also began our SEO content creation and link building process.

Step 5: Ongoing Conversion Rate Optimization

We made ongoing content, website navigation and check-out experience changes on the website which helped drive the Company’s contract completion and funding rate.

Edeska Results

We helped the Company launch and quickly become one of the largest providers of commission advances in Southern California. The Company was able to outrank national competitors with decades of industry experience. The Paid Ads were very successful generating a 18x Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

The Company was also able to rank for its most important search terms nationally. The Company continues to rank on the first page of Google for extremely valuable search terms like “Commissions Advance” and “Commissions Advance Company”.