About Hemlock

Hemlock Hat Co is a straw-hat company based in San Diego, CA. The Company is known for its beautiful under brim designs. The Company was founded in 2015 and is run by Anthony Lora. The Company’s hats are sold in more than 500 stores nationally.The Company currently sells 40 different straw hats and recently launched a brand-new line of visors. The Company currently has 11 employees.

Hemlock Hat Co reached $1 million in e-commerce sales in their first year of online advertising with our Facebook Ads, Google Shopping & CFO services.

Company Problem

Hemlock Hat Co. already had a very high performing wholesale business and a handful of online sales before beginning their engagement with Edeska. The Company was looking to partner with an agency that could design, launch, grow and optimize online marketing campaigns that could effectively grow their e-commerce sales.

Edeska Solution

After analyzing the Hemlock business, we decided that Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping and Google Search were going to be the most effective channels to hit the Company’s desired budget, revenue and profit goals.

Step 1: Ad Design and Copywriting

High converting and revenue producing ad designs by Edeska for Hemlock Hat Co.

Edeska designed and created imagery, videos, ads and messaging targeted at the Company’s potential customers

Step 2: Campaign and Audience Targeting Set Up

We researched the Company’s competition and their advertising campaigns. Based on this research, we finalized the initial campaign type, bid type and audience targeting across Google and Facebook. We set up the Company’s Facebook pixel and Google Ad conversion tracking to properly track campaign revenue, cart-adds, product-views and check-outs.

Step 3: Google Campaign Launch and Optimization

Properly executed Google Ads helped Hemlock Hat Co gain more website traffic, leads and revenue.

We launched the Company’s Google Search and Google Shopping campaigns with the correct location and keyword targeting. We also launched a retargeting campaign across Google’s display network and YouTube.

Step 4: Facebook / Instagram Launch and Optimization

We launched the Company’s Facebook and Instagram ads. We set up 40+ campaigns with different interest, demographic and location targeting.  We also created custom Look Alike Audiences (LLA) based on purchase and visitor activity. We launched these campaigns and made appropriate bid and messaging modifications to increase performance.  

We ran additional retargeting ads to drive conversions and product sales.

Step 5: Ongoing Conversion Rate Optimization

We made ongoing content, website navigation and check-out experience changes on the website which helped drive the Company’s add-to-cart and check-out-completion rates.

Edeska Results

We were able to deliver a 1000% increase in the Company’s e-commerce revenue. The Company is on track to reach $1 million in e-commerce revenue in 2019. The Facebook/Instagram ads are generating a 3.58x Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). The Google Ads have generated a 4.2x Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).