About Resurgence Behavioral Health

Resurgence Behavioral Health is a Costa Mesa based addiction treatment center. The Company is run by Steve Fennelly and Tanisha Porreca. The Company serves the entire Southern California area with a focus on Costa Mesa, Orange County, Laguna Beach, Anaheim and Huntington Beach.

Resurgence was looking for a full-service agency to help the team develop its website, manage all their initial commercialisation and set up a CRM within 30 days. The Company was also looking for an experienced team in building complex web applications that would allow their customers to complete the whole application process in insurance verifications and on their website portal.

Edeska Solution

Step 1: Website Design and Copywriting

After evaluating Resurgence’s competitors, we created a brand identity and product message to differentiate the company from its competitors. Once we finalized the brand identity, we set up the Company’s website with focusing on full-service residential alcohol and drug rehab.

Step 2: CRM Set Up

It was necessary for us to monitor the revenues and profits generated from these results, given the nature of service. We thus set up end-to-end click monitoring from form filling or calling to the actual stage CRM tracking. This helped us to clearly identify the profiles of clients and seek keywords that would beneficial to the Company.

Step 3: Campaign and Audience Targeting Set Up

We studied the competition and their advertising campaigns. This research has led us to finalize the initial campaign, bid type and market across Google search and Google’s display properties.

We have also started creating our SEO content and link building.

Step 4: Ongoing Conversion Rate Optimization

We constantly updated content, website navigation and inspection on the website to help push the Company to complete its contract.

Edeska Results

We were able to rank the Company and its location for two of the most competitive search terms that also happen to have the highest buyer intent: drug rehab and alcohol rehab throughout Orange County, CA. The CPC of these keywords in Google Ads runs anywhere from $30-$50 per click. These two keywords reuslts in more than $450,000 in monthly revenue to the business.