Robco Fence and Deck is the largest manufacturer and installer of decks and fences in Raleigh, NC. The Company started in 2015 and reached the Inc 500 in 2018. Edeska designed the website and manages all online marketing activities for Robco.

Robco Challenge

Robco Fence and Deck’s owner Jay Robinson identified decks and fences as an area of opportunity in Raleigh, NC. The founding team had a great understanding and skillset in actually building decks and fences but had a limited understanding of branding, marketing and lead generation.

Robco was looking for a full-stack growth team that could design the Company’s brand, website and then manage all lead generation activities for the team.

Edeska Solution

Step 1: Branding and Web Design

We researched the competitors in the area and finalized a brand identity including brand messaging, colors and logo. Using this agreed to brand identity we designed the Company’s website with appropriate call-to-actions.

Step 2: Search Engine Optimization

We launched the Company’s search engine optimization efforts. Our goal was to rank the Company’s listings on local 3-pack map listing and then rank the website organically for keywords with the highest buyer intent like “fence installer”, “fence company” and “fence builder”.

Once we were performing well, we started focusing on deck related services. These were terms that had more competitors and higher average order values like “deck installer”, “deck company” and “deck builder”.

We are able to consistently rank on the first page for all these keywords by end of Month 3.

Our SEO consistently generates 300 to 350 leads per month for the Company.

Step 3: Scaling PPC Campaigns

We launched the Company’s pay-per-click marketing campaign. Our goal was to focus on higher intent keywords like “fence installer”, “fence company”, “fence builder”, “deck installer”, “deck company” and “deck builder”. As we started consistently generating leads for these keywords, we then start marketing on lower-intent but higher volumes keywords like “fence” and “deck”.

We wrote all the ad copy and then set up conversion rate tracking that included form fills and phone call tracking. Our paid campaigns consistently generates 500 leads per month for the Company.

Step 4: CRM Installation and Marketing Automation

As Robco continued to generate 800 to 900 leads per month, the Company needed a better CRM and marketing automation solution. Edeska selected Salesforce and AutopilotHQ so that each phone call and form fill was automatically synced into Salesforce. These leads were then automatically sent emails and texts so that these leads would book appointments and then have a higher chance of converting into customers.