Client Summary

Superior Awning is Southern California’s largest awning and patio cover manufacturer and installer. The family owned business is run by husband and wife team Brian Hotchkiss and Julie Hotchkiss.The Company has been in business for 30 years and has more than 50 employees.The business serves local consumers and businesses with a focus on designing,manufacturing and installing awnings, canopies,patio covers, cabanas, carports, shade sails, slide wire canopies and more. Superior Awning has completed projects for NBC, UPS, USC, Mattel,Budweiser, Citi, Coca-Cola, Harley Davidson, BMW, GM, Costco, Hilton The Irvine Company, City of Los Angeles and many more.

Client Problem

Superior Awning began advertising on Google Ads in 2009 when competition in the channel was much lower. The Google ad campaign was originally designed and set up by Julie Hotchkiss. Julie continued to manage this account for more than 9 years with the help of junior employees at her Company and Google’s ad representatives. The account was successful right away and Julie was able to scale monthly account spend to $50,000 a month. The Company also launched other marketing channels like Home Advisor, Angel List and local directories. Being an early mover in Google allowed Superior Awning to consistently generate a positive return on investment (ROI) on this spend till 2015.

After 2015, Julie started seeing a large drop inthe effectiveness of her online marketing spend. Even worse, Superior Awning had no internal tracking to correctly attribute revenue or leads being generated from their paid spend. The Company was also operating a simple website that was outdated compared to the competition and had very poor organic presence in Google. Superior Awning hired Edeska at the end of 2017.

Edeska Solution

Phase 1: Redesigning Brand Identity and Website

Image from old Superior Awning website, before Edeska redesigned it into a high converting layout.

Our first goal was to redesign the Superior Awning website to increase conversions.The previous website lacked the basic functionality and brand presence required to really drive online marketing results. We built Superior Awning a beautiful and updated website that matched and elevated their brand.

Here are a few things that we did:

  • Brand new website redesign with a focus on better highlighting Superior Awning’s large product selection, previous completed projects and past clients
  • The previous website was a static one-page website. We designed, wrote content and added pictures of the Company’s past projects in that product category.
  • Helped Superior Awning choose and migrate to the Zoho CRM
  • Installed web form to CRM functionality so each form fill automatically synced with their CRM
  • Installed detailed CallRail call tracking so each phone call channel, medium and keyword was automatically tracked and inserted into the CRM
  • Installed high converting click-to-dial buttons on the top of each page

An improved layout and organized content resulted in an increase of conversions by 53%.

Phase 2: Google Adwords Audit, Restructuring and Optimization

Phase 2 of the engagement was focused on restructuring the AdWords account. We restructured the account, created new campaigns and wrote new ads for Superior Awning. Our process included:

  • Configured Google conversion tracking to correctly track phone calls and form fills generated from Google AdWords
  • Restructured Superior Awning’s historically run one campaign into 16 new campaigns broken down by product type, location and buyer intent
  • Launched ads in Google’s new ad formats including call-only ads, dynamic text ads, extended text-ads and retargeting display ads
  • Refreshed the Company’s ad copy to more prominently feature the Company’s family owned heritage, excellent reviews, product selection and quality.
  • Set up end-to-end reporting to track actual revenue and profit generated from each keyword through integration and reporting directly from the Company’s CRM system
  • We were able to help the Company increase the number of leads from 71 in the quarter before we took over to 794 leads in Q2 of 2018.
  • We were able to reduce the cost per lead from $792 per lead to just $73 per lead.

An effective restructuring and optimization of Superior Awning's Adwords account reduced wasted marketing spend by 56%.

Phase 3: Search Engine Optimization

Phase 3 of the engagement was helping the Company with its search engine presence in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. Our content strategy was focused on publishing 10 articles on the Company’s blog per month and securing 10 authoritative links and guest posts from publications in the home and construction niche. We were able to secure prominent placement and do-follow links in publications like RealtyTimes.com, RealtyToday.com, GardenFurnitureLand.com, TopDreamer.com and other sites. We also made sure we added the Company to local and industry relevant directories.This had a huge impact on the website’s rankings in Google. We were able to take a business that had very limited search traffic to rank on the first page for all of its most important keywords. This allowed the Company to generate an additional $4 million in annual revenue from these organic leads.

Phase 4: Marketing Automation

Phase 4 of this engagement focused on increasing the connect rate, close rate and revenue generated from the leads being generated via the online marketing efforts. We did this by writing, designing and programming an effective marketing and sales automation system for the business.

The automatic follow-up emails, texts and newsletters we designed helped increase the Company’s close rate and drastically increased the Company’s revenue per lead.