The Productivity Store Edeska Case Study

Scope: Productivity Store hired us to create a state-of-the-art website and branding, digital marketing and well-versed business strategies in order to raise brand awareness for its password book, budget planner, productivity planner and gratitude journal.

About The Faith Planner

Productivity Store is building the world's largest planner business. Founded in 2020, t

Company Problem

Productivity Store needed a seamless, and attractive website and a handful of online marketing initiatives before launch. The company was interested in partnering with an agency that could design, launch, grow and optimize digital marketing campaigns such as a website, branding, advertising and more to effectively increase brand awareness as well as grow their e-commerce sales.

Edeska Solution

After analyzing the business, we decided that there was a need for a better password book on the market.

We worked with the Faith Planner team and helped them start the business from scratch. This included:

  • Designing the planner and its content
  • Helping the team find a reputable manufacturer
  • Finalizing the product
  • Building the website https://productivitystore.co
  • Introducing the team to a trusted photographer and videographer
  • Designing & launching the Company's Facebook/Instagram and Google Ads
  • Designing & launching the Company's Amazon account and Amazon Ads

Edeska Results

Since launch, we have been able to help the Company get to $20,000/m in revenue averaging 550 planners a month.