Where do customers go when they want to hire a company for construction services.

When prospective customers type in what they want – for example “fence company in Los Angeles” – that’s your chance to appear automatically as a top supplier on Google.

There are three primary ways you can rank for this search query:

  • Organic Search Results
  • Organic Loan 3-Pack Results
  • Google Ads

At Edeska, we specialize in ranking our clients via all three of these methods. For a beginner marketer or a business owner, Google Ads would be the fastest way to rank on the top and to start generating leads immediately.

What is AdWords?

AdWords is a service offering small online advertisements through Google. AdWords ads have a standard format and they can appear in Google search results and on other websites too.

For example, let’s suppose a customer wants to find a construction company in New York. The customer might type into Google a phrase like “retractable awnings in Los Angeles” Google will then display websites about awning services in Los Angeles in the main part of the screen, and, in a column to the right of the screen, related AdWords advertisements. A typical AdWords ad in this case might look like this:

If you’ve never run a Google Ads campaign before, this article will guide you through the process; from creating ad copy to keyword lists, finding the right ad extensions and boosting your click-through rate. And, if you’ve been running PPC ads for a while, this guide can be your refresher course.

Step 1: Competitor Analysis

A competitive audit is an essential strategy for running a profitable Google Ads campaign, especially when planning your match type keywords. There are two ways of doing this research. Either manually searching for for keywords most relevant to your business and seeing what competitors show up or by using a tool like Spyfu.com to find out the keywords your competitor’s are currently advertising for. For example, plug in a competitor domain name like accentawnings.com on the homage.

Click "Adwords History" to view the active keywords the competitors is marketing for. Spyfu only shows 3 of the most clicked ads in the account for free. Spyfu charges $99 a month for more detailed competitor AdWords history and the tool is certainly worth it. We use Spyfu for our clients and actually offer a detailed overview of your competitor's AdWords history in each free proposal we provide to our clients. Please request this free proposal by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can just search for keywords that you feel are the most relevant by manually searching for certain terms and seeing if your primary competitor is advertising on that keyword. For example an awning business, you could search for awning, awning company and other keywords that a potential buyer would search for.

From there, you can click on these ads and do a detailed analysis of the website and landing pages your competitors are utilizing. Take meticulous notes on the ad-copy, common design elements and copywriting employed by your competitors. Phase 1 of every Google Ads campaign should be marketing for these same keywords as active keywords that one or more competitors are advertising for show that these keywords are profitable to advertise on.

Step 2: Account Creation and Keyword Selection