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for Construction Companies

Search engines are set up in away that is compelling many businesses to find better and more creative ways to attract and convert leads. Without these tactics, it would be impossible for a business to be discovered in an increasingly crowded internet. For every type of business, the right SEO and PPC strategy must be set in place to maximize the amount of leads.

Here at Edeska, your business will benefit from the most modern SEO practices that will ensure your site is at the front page of search results of anything construction-related. We also offer the best practices in PPC to ensure that you get the most out of your advertising spend. Moreover, we can help you with your web design and branding to make your site’s look stand out.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top three digital marketing services you will need to attract more leads to your construction company.

SEO for Construction

SEO is one of the main ingredients in boosting your website's rank in search engine results. It is at the center of almost all digital market plans,because it helps expose websites to people that are more likely to avail of the service.

SEO involves finding the right keywords relevant to your business.Choosing the right keyword is important, because it will determine how you perform in search engines. For instance, customers searching for construction firms would consider often key in their location along with the term“construction company”. Being associated with those keywords will help your business rank higher than your competition.

Apart from keywords, your website's rank can also benefit from other adjustments, such as site speed. Google, for instance, favors websites that load fast, so fixing its code to make it load faster will help your SEO greatly.

Other activities and tactics such as back-linking give your SEO a boost, why is why multiple tactics have to be explored in order to make sure you always rank. As a proven SEO strategist, Edeska will actively implement modern SEO methods to give your construction company’s edge.

PPC for Construction

Search engines have turned themselves into ad platforms. Because of this, PPC advertising has become inseparable from SEO and digital marketing strategies. PPC ads are displayed prominently at search results, allowing companies to reach the top results for a price. PPC platforms, such as Google and Facebook, allow businesses to bid for keywords and launch and track the success of PPC campaigns.

PPC is also beneficial to single-location establishments because it allows businesses to geo-target, making it ideal for construction firms. Geo-targeting allows companies to target a very specific group of people, such as those looking for contractors in your area. PPC complements any SEO campaign and is a proven way to help businesses reach qualified leads.

Web Design and Branding for Construction

Design is an essential aspect of marketing, whether you’re marketing a small business or a large corporation. Bad design can hurt your brand and bottom line. For example, if the design of your website does not suit your industry, prospective customers can get turned off.

Every design decision you put out online will become public, so you’d do well to make a good first impression, especially to big clients.  If you have no eye for good design, it’s a good idea to consult with design experts to make sure that the visual aspect of your business is on track. Your website’s logo, layout, UI, and other design elements must go well together to achieve the effect you want.

We have a team of designers that can help you build a website that will help you stand out from the crows. We can help you make design choices that will suit your business and the type of customers you wish to engage.

If you need help in creating a custom SEO and PPC strategy or a design and branding strategy that drives results, call (855) 546-0037 today to talk to one of our strategists.

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