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The interior designers industry,whose businesses are involved in planning and designing interior spaces, grew steadily over the last five years, according to IBIS World. The research firm found that the industry's revenue is expected to grow to $15.7 billion in 2019 alone. This growth, it said, can be attributed to the rise of residential and commercial construction.

As industries grow, so does competition within the industry. A growing industry attracts new businesses,and as the battle for leads move to the internet, the business with the best digital marketing practice often wins. Moreover, as an interior designer, you are expected to display some high level of visual flair in your website.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top three digital marketing services you will need to attract more leads to your interior design business.

SEO for Interior Designers

Good SEO can boost your interior design business’s visibility online,making it easier for leads to find you when they’re searching for interior designers. In cities with hundreds of designers, you'd want to employ the best SEO strategies to reach and maintain the top of the results.

SEO is all about finding and owning the right keywords. This is essential, because it will decide how you appear and perform in search engines.For instance, customers looking for an interior designer will often look for interior designers near him or her. Making content relevant to this query can place you on top of the results.

We understand that keywords are not the only aspect of SEO, which is why our strategy also includes methods to make your site faster and make other sites link back to your site. These and putting out the right content are guaranteed to contribute to the improvement of your SEO performance.

PPC for Interior Designers

PPC is a must-have if you're doing any kind of online marketing,especially if you belong in a very competitive market. It allows you to head straight to the top results for a price, allowing you to become more visible to your customers. PPC also allows you to refine your advertising to a particular demographic or locality, which is particularly useful if you want to save on ad dollars and just target a small area.

An effective PPC campaign will be a worthwhile addiction to your SEO and digital marketing strategies. Both tactics can help your interior design business become easier to find online.

Web Design and Branding for Interior Designers

Good web design is of particular importance to interior designers as pleasing visuals can help convince customers of their skill. Bad design,however, can turn off your prospects and send them to your competitors.

Design is an important part of an effective branding strategy, which in turn is essential in making your interior design company stand out. Every design element in your website has an effect on the overall customer experience. So if you want to make a good first impression, invest in good design.

Our team of designers and brand strategists can help you create the perfect design and branding strategy that can complement your interior decorating skills.

If you need help in creating a custom SEO and PPC strategy or a design and branding strategy that drives results, call (855) 546-0037 today to talk to one of our strategists.

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