SEO and PPC Services for Locksmiths

The demand for locksmiths is tied to the performance of the construction and housing markets, according to research firm IBIS World. As it happened, locksmiths benefited from steady business creation and a strong housing market in the past five years. Because of this, the research firm expected to grow again this year.

The industry's growth is always welcome news to individual businesses, but growth also brings new challenges in the form of competition. The relative low barriers to entry in this industry makes it easier for new entrants to come in, which makes the battle for leads more challenging. In today's market, the one with the best digital marketing will often come out on top.

In this article,we’ll tell you how we can help you attract more leads to your locksmith business.

SEO for Locksmiths

A good SEO strategy can help boost your website's rank among search engines like Google and Bing, making it more visible to leads. It is an important part of any digital marketing strategy as it is the aspect responsible for connecting you to potential customers.

At the heart of SEO is keyword research, or finding the keywords you want to rank for. Finding the right keyword is way up on your to-do list because there are keywords that more people use when searching. If, for instance, your customers are keying in "best locksmith me", you’d want your business to appear the top recommendation. To achieve this result,you'll need an effective SEO strategy.

At Edeska, we'll do more than find you the best key words. We'll also make sure that the other parts of your website like speed and content are optimized for better search results. We'll also make sure other reputable websites are linking to your website through a proven back-linking strategy.

PPC for Locksmiths

PPC has become an important part of digital marketing campaigns due to how the modern search engine is designed. Those looking for an immediate boost in rankings can allocate a budget to get their names listed on top of search results.

Moreover, if you're aiming for a very specific type of customer, PPC allows you to target a certain demographic and location. This means that you can calibrate your campaign to make sure your ads reach prospective leads in specific localities, such as your hometown and its surrounding areas.

PPC is cheaper than traditional advertising and complements SEO perfectly and provides an affordable yet effective way to capture more leads for your business. If you want to further maximize your ad budget, Edeska's proven approach to PPC will help you make the most of each dollar you spend.

Web Design and Branding for Locksmiths

Presentation is an integral part of your marketing efforts. If your webdesign does not suit the demographic you're targeting, it might drive away your leads instead of converting them. Locksmiths are not exempted from this trend.To be taken seriously, your website should sport a clean layout and convey professionalism.

What you want is thoughtful web design and a branding strategy that will leave a positive impression on your customers and your prospective leads the first time they log on to your site. If you’ve got the locksmithing skills but not the design savvy, we can help. Our team can create a custom website for you or redesign an existing one to make it more appealing to your market.

If you need help in creating a custom SEO and PPC strategy or a design and branding strategy that drives results, call (855) 546-0037 today to talk to one of our strategists.

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